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How Sprezzabox hooked me over the summer and liven up my work attire

Like many guys, I struggle to coordinate my dress clothes for work and church. Often it seems like the biggest struggle to make sure I don’t wear the same suit combo or non-tie combo. SprezzaBox makes this easy for everyone. There are numerous subscription boxes on the market nowadays, covering wants and interests from shaving to fantasy, from cookery to article of clothing and embarking you up from the routine of buying these things yourself.

SprezzaBox brings that model of ease and convenience to a reasonably new space once it involves the subscription space: fashion accessories for the trendy gentleman.

While I used to be uncertain initially, once receiving a box, the utility of SprezzaBox bestowed itself quickly.

Back in the summer this year, I was struggling with finding something trendy to wear for the 4th of July. I wanted something trendy and clean looking, I obviously couldn’t wear a suit, it’s July… come on. So, I Looked to SprezzaBox for answers. The box I received got me hooked. Pictured seen above, came complete with six items: A checkered red & white tie, Cigar cutter, patriotic blue and white star pocket square, No show socks by Taft (perfect for summer shorts), flor de lis lapel pin finally, a Wash & Stain Bar.

Basically, everything enclosed in the box was 1. Things I found useful, 2. Things I didn’t have enough of and 3. I did not understand specifically where or the way to purchase, or what a good value would be. I’ve got ties, however because I am risk-averse once it involves burning cash on ties, most of the time I ultimately end up returning it the store with something that appears like each different tie I own (either skinny black ties or blue diagonal stripes). Ironically, I had a poker game that week with some friends, who like to smoke cigars. As oppose to biting off the cigar bud like a savage I can be the sophisticated guy and come prepared with an actual cigar cutter.

SprezzaBox could be a subscription box designed to introduce you to things you did not understand you needed or might at the very least use another set of. Like myself who must wear a suit to work most days, I see SprezzaBox as an excellent method to keep your look contemporary and dynamic while not having to overhaul your entire wardrobe.

For $28 a month, SprezzaBox is a fantastic bang for your buck, even higher after you consider that every box is sure to have a retail worth of about or greater than $100. If you are looking for an easy way to maintain with the wants of the fashionable gentleman, or just desire getting some sweet gear delivered to your door once a month, SprezzaBox could be right for you.

Try your for box here

*This post was NOT sponsored by SprezzaBox. Simply sharing my experience and review of Sprezzabox.

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